Risk Management

INSET extensive experience in the world of insurance and management of risks is the guarantee of a comprehensive approach :

– analysis of your own business risks
– assessment of your clients insurance needs or opportunities, and
– review of existing control and insurance programmes.

This is not about placing or broking risks, it is about assessing a business in its entirety, mapping all the risks, whether financial, physical or human, internal or external.
Once the necessary objective and independent review of your risk management and risk financing strategies is completed, INSET will advise you on the optimal solution in relation with your objectives and needs, either confirming current risks transfers, suggesting ways to enhance efficiency or eventually seeking alternative transfer methods if they can guarantee a superior performance.

Today Baudouin Deschamps is quite active in the insurance place, either through directorships in insurance companies or broking houses, or in providing strategic assistance to actors in the insurance sector.